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Evergreen Resort
Hosts: Ken & Faye Kobelka
This is a drive in resort


Lat:      53° 59'.1
Long:   101° 10.1 - UTM 0357000 M.E. 5983800 M.N.

Mail Address:
Box 1228
The Pas, Manitoba
Canada - R9A 1L2

Phone:   (204) 624-5750     Fax:  (204) 623-4686


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L&M Sports Excellence

You May Contact Us At:    204-623-3000
Ken and Faye Kobelka also own L&M Sporting Goods in The Pas. This has been an established hunting & fishing store for more than 40 years.

Directions from The Pas to Evergreen Resort:

Directions from The Pas:
Directions to The Pas, MB, Canada

The Pas, MB, Canada

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